EHI Series Industrial Chargers

The EHI Series is the latest addition to the portfolio of industrial battery chargers from GNB. These products offer the latest in software-defined charging profiles to control the optimal charging current for flat plate and tubular motive power batteries.

Energy efficient

  • The EHI Series of chargers are CEC-compliant, meeting the stringent energy-saving requirements as defined by the California Energy Commission. These standards provide you with an immediate return-on-investment in terms of electrical energy consumption at your facilities.
  • The EHI chargers are > 92% efficient and the 3-phase model boasts a power factor > 97%

Perfect for Opportunity Charging

  • The EHI charger product line is an ideal solution for today's busy distribution center. By using "opportunity charging" these small-profile chargers can be placed at convenient point-of-use locations throughout the warehouse. This allows truck operators to charge their batteries "on the fly" during breaks rather than traditional 8-hour charging cycles back in the battery room.

 When used with Lead-Acid batteries, the ultra-filtered output current and the unique control algorithm ensure a perfect mixing of the electrolyte, while reducing the water consumption and the temperature rise of the battery, as well as the energy consumption.

The charging curve is pre-programmed for each battery type.
The EHI products are controlled by a central microprocessor, complete with intelligent alphanumeric display & keypad. The display can query many charger parameters including Charge History Logger, Programmable Real- Time Clock and Calendar, and Audible Alarms.
Reference documents:
Data sheet - English
Data sheet - Spanish
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